ASM 2020

Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Evening) and Friday 24th January 2020  Hilton Hotel, Charlemont, Dublin 2 – 7.30pm

Thursday 23rd January 2020 7.30pm-9.30pm
(Joint Meeting with Metro Branch of Irish Dental Association)

  • Dr Helena Fransson
    Emergency treatments of painful endodontic conditions
  • Dr Maria Pigg
    My tooth hurts – Differential diagnosis of tooth pain

Friday 24th January 2020 9am-5pm

  • Dr Maria Pigg
    Chronic non-odontogenic tooth pain – Current knowledge and research.
  • Dr Kerstin Bitter
    Restoration of root canal treated teeth – Properties of root canal treated teeth and possible restorative options.
  • Dr Kerstin Bitter
    Root canal posts – what evidence exists for indication and post type?
  • Dr Helena Fransson
    Survival of endodontically treated teeth.
  • Dr Thomas McCaffrey
    Dento-legal aspects of endodontics with a focus on consent.



Biography Dr Helena Fransson

Helena Fransson, D.D.S., Odont.Dr. (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor in the Department of Endodontics, Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University and a Researcher at the Department of Endodontology, Institute of Odontology at the Sahlgrenska Academy University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr. Fransson graduated in dentistry from the University of Lund 1998, and completed postgraduate clinical training in endodontics at Malmö University (2007), where she also completed her research training. Her doctoral thesis on the repair of the dentine barrier following pulp capping led to the doctoral degree (Odont.Dr.) in 2012 and she holds a docenture since 2017. Her current research focuses on the outcome of endodontic and caries treatments, and she is conducting clinical studies and data mining in registries. She is a driving force behind the Scandinavian Research Collaboration (EndoReCo), a collaboration striving to increase the knowledge about the root-filled tooth. As most research of today is based on collaboration rather than on individual achievements, the EndoReCo collaboration aims to provide a nourishing research environment for the current six PhD-students pursuing joint research plans. Dr. Fransson is currently President of the Swedish Endodontic Society.

Biography Dr Kerstin Bitter

Dr Bitter completed her undergraduate dental training in Greifswald Germany. She was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Operative and Preventive Dentistry, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany in 2001, where she also completed her Doctorate degree in “Cranio- mandibular Disorders in Tinnitus Patients’. She was awarded her PhD in 2010 for her work entitled ‘Adhesive restoration of endodontically treated teeth’ by the same university. In 2013 she was appointed Head of the Division of Endodontics in the Department of Operative and Preventive Dentistry, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and received Master of Medical Education, from the Medical Faculty of Ruprechts-Karls-University, Heidelberg, Germany in 2015. She has published numerous international articles on postendodontic restorations and the adhesive interface inside the root canal.

Biography Dr Maria Pigg

Dr. Maria Pigg (D.D.S., Odont. Dr.) received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Gothenburg (1993) and Certificate in Endodontics from Malmö University (2013), Sweden. She also completed her Ph.D. thesis (Odont. Dr.) titled “Chronic intraoral pain – Assessment of diagnostic methods and prognosis” with the Department of Endodontics and the Department of Orofacial Pain and Jaw Function at Malmö University, Sweden (2011). She has published several original articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals, and reviews on orofacial neuropathic pain and differential diagnosis of tooth pain in clinical journals. She has co-authored a chapter on endodontic emergencies in Textbook of Endodontology, 3rd ed. Dr. Pigg is a member of the Swedish Dental Association, the Swedish and European Societies of Endodontology, and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). She is also a member of the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) where she is currently the President of the Neuroscience Scientific Group, and an associate editor of the Journal of Oral and Facial Pain & Headache.
Dr. Pigg is a full-time tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Endodontics, Malmö University, Sweden.

Biography Dr Thomas McCaffrey

Dr Thomas McCaffrey graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1999. He returned to Northern Ireland to set up his own practice in 2007 and has previously been a vocational trainer in the Northern Ireland scheme. He has a keen interest in Forensic Dentistry and has a Diploma in Forensic Human Identification and a Diploma in Legal Medicine from the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. He currently works full time as a Dento- Legal Consultant for Dental Protection  based in Enniskillen.